Home of eternal sunshine, Gran Canaria

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Visit this special plant collections: Cacti, Succulent plants, Laurel and Dragoon tree gardens, Pine trees, palm trees, they are plants from Canary Islands and the whole world. Enjoy these exotic plants. They collect also in one single place all the botanical wealth of the islands.

We will enjoy a great visit walking at the Old city main spots. You will get an introduction to the whole city.

Travel through time to the middle Age. The Old Town (or Vegueta to the locals) has seen some of the most important events in Europe history,(b.e. Columbus arrival). We explore their romantic streets, Cathedral breathe life into history that stretches back almost 500 years.

Meeting Point: Close to San Telmo Bus station

Note:As free tour, we reserve the right to include any person for improving this whole experience. Thank you for understanding.

Overlook the beautiful foothills of Maspalomas Natural Park and desert through our pocket Sahara atop one of our friendly riding camels for about 30 minutes, led by an experienced Camel Safari handler. You will also get a tour visit of the charming baby Camels, and an opportunity to get up closer and personal with camel world, before you embark on your ride.

During this wine and local products tasting experience you will sample luxurious wines specially selected

You will also receive a detailed explanation of the various flavours and background of the various wines, cheeses and other products that you will sample.

Meeting point Santa Catalina Park.
One hour long Afternoon free tour.
You will get a typical canary islands product exposition and deep explanation in English/German. A lot of information about handicrafts, gastronomy, fashion, volcanic catchpenny, perfums and personal gems. You will know about our typical traditional and modern factories. These products are very deep inside Gran Canaria culture and local people.


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Botanic garden

500 plant species endemic to the Canary Islands "Garden of the Islands" the "Garden of Cacti and Succulents" where approximately 10,000 cultivars of cactus are on display, the "Macaronesian Ornamental Garden" and the “Hidden Garden” (El Jardín Escondido) with greenhouse. the pinetum (El Pínar) and the "Laurel-leaved Forests" (Bosque de Laurísílva)

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Images of The Botanic Garden